About Us


To support and revolutionize peoples’ health and wellbeing; in assisting with achieving their personal goals and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.


Turning this vision into a reality making an impact and empowering wellness.


At Fitness 2 Impact, our culture and philosophy is very important to us. It is expected as part of our Fitness 2 Impact community, that our members are expected to embrace the following philosophies:

Solid Foundations:

A strong emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation in all facets of our training. We help ALL of our members in their development to achieve their potential regardless of their skill, size, strength, fitness level and background.

Positivity, discipline & manners:

This is self-explanatory and they are qualities that will make everyone’s day nicer be it at Fitness 2 Impact or anywhere else. It’s about cultivating these habits and as our name implies we want to help revolutionize our members making a positive impact on all areas of one’s life.


At Fitness 2 Impact, no individual is above one another and we have a ZERO TOLERANCE towards any negativity. It is best to leave your ego at the door once you step in. We are all here to support one another and by working together sharing our knowledge, experience, successes, mistakes and time we will all grow together much faster than holdings things back to oneself.

These are absolutely not unreasonable and if this sounds good to you and you are ready to embrace these then we would love to see you!

Meet the team

Kevin (Founder & CEO)

Special Interests: High Intensity Interval Training, Muay Thai, Calisthenics, Running, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga

I’m Kevin Ngo – a qualified fitness coach with a background in martial arts, HIIT and bootcamp training. Through my experience in these areas, my approach to health & fitness is simple – an unwavering commitment, discipline and hard work is required, period.

Along my journey, I have experienced numerous injuries and learnt ways to adapt strategically different training styles. And through exploring these training styles, this has broaden my understanding on the ways that I can utilize to deliver results in an effective, efficient approach.  

This shift has allowed me to realize how lucky I am to have this body that takes me through this life. Which is why if I nurture it, respect and take care of it. Training today to be able to train tomorrow, then this same body will help me to achieve nearly anything I desire.

After shifting my focus back on working on the most important relationship I will ever have, the one with myself…my life has begun to exponentially change. 

This year, I will also be undertaking my registration year as a Pharmacist in South Australia where I enjoy adopting a holistic approach in educating customers regarding their lifestyle and medications. Empowering customers with the right tools to enhance their physical, mental and overall health and well-being are areas I find important to always pursue.