Frequently Asked Questions

I've never trained before - what should I expect?

Our regimens will incorporate a range of different training modalities from High Intensity Interval Training, TABATA, Whole Body Circuits and Group Fitness Boxing. Each week’s focus will be different so there is never a session that will be the same. 

Expect to see some regulars or advanced members besides you and don’t be intimidated! We’re all here to continue improving our skills and fitness. We’re all in the same boat and no one is here to judge you. Remember Everyone is welcome! 

Before you turn up for your first class
Arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand so you have enough time to find your way around, to meet myself and settling in. It is important to allow ample time for public transport, parking and finding our venue we train at. Make sure you are well hydrated: drink at minimum 1-2 litres of water at least an hour before class. Try not to eat a large meal within 2 hours of the start of the class. However, if you are starving do have something small – a piece of fruit, protein ball, light snack – something that will help keep the hunger vibes away and give you a rush of energy.
Arriving on 5 mins early is on time, 10 mins early makes life easier and on time is late. We don’t want to miss your energetic vibes in class!!
What do I need to bring?
An open mind, courageous attitude and a big smile! A towel and A bottle of water – filtered water amenities is available at the center for use so lets reduce plastic consumption and bring our own reusable bottle. A mat if you have one, otherwise you can hire one for $1.
What should I wear?
It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in. Fitted, active gym wear – i.e. tights or shorts and a singlet.
Mobile phones
Please remember to switch your phone on silent or turn it off unless there is an expected emergency purpose then please notify in advance.
A variety of payment options are available; cash or direct bank transfer. Please contact me a week before your first class to bank transfer me otherwise bring cash in an envelope with your First and Last name written down.
Concession Pricing

Sometimes in life money can be tight and often these are the times when we need to continue our training most. So these ‘concessional discounts’ you will have access to only if you’re ‘Student & Community Service Card Holder’.

  • Students: A valid Student ID must be presented at the time of purchase. Please note these discounts are for Full-Time students only (12 years + or mature students).
  • Pensioner: A valid pensioners ID card must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • Families: Receive 10% off any membership passes (Excludes = Casual Passes). Only Valid for three or more members of a family.
Refund/Cancellation/Exchange policy

Fitness 2 Impact has a no exchange, cancellation or refund policy. Once you have purchased your monthly (4 week) membership of training upfront, there is no refund on those 4 weeks. For our 10 session passes, there is a 60 day expiry date once commencing date confirmed.

If you have any queries or concerns, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab so that we can further discuss and resolve your concerns.

Training etiquette
Only bring yourself, your mat, towel and your water into the room. Please leave your bags and phones either in your car for safety. Otherwise, we do have an area to keep these tucked away. Respect your body and work within your limits. Don’t leave class early unless otherwise an emergency comes up. If known please inform myself early prior to the start of the class.
How long does each workout last?
It is recommended that you allow a minimum of 45-60 minutes for each workout.
How many days a week do I need to train?

The current program includes 4 training days, which is highly recommended. However, the number of days you train is up to you. Our program is continually evolving, so be on the lookout for new days that will soon be released! As long as you follow the set days within the program you can train as many days as you like. Remember to listen to your body and slow down when required if that’s what your body’s intuition is signalling you to do so. After all we are here to practice today so you can practice tomorrow. It is still recommended to have at least one complete rest day.

Do I need to be fit?
No you do not need to be fit, but we do highly recommend that you seek approval from your Doctor before commencing a new exercise program. A thorough health screening/questionnaire is involved at Fitness 2 Impact to assist us in optimizing your training and ruling out any potential areas of risk that may affect your health and wellbeing prior to your training commencement. The workouts are designed to be for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, male & female friendly and beginners through to advanced levels. You will be supported and coached along your journey. All you have to do is commit and keep driving forwards towards success and through the workout of course!
Am I too young/old to train at Fitness 2 Impact?
Age is a very subjective matter and no you are never too young or old to train at Fitness 2 Impact.
Will I require any equipment?
For the purposes of our Boxing training programs, we have a limited supply of gloves and cotton inners that you can borrow to use. Although cotton inners will be available to use this does not provide the ideal support through the wrists. Traditional Wrist Wraps are highly recommended to be worn during our boxing sessions. Our recommended boxing gloves and wrist wraps can be purchased from Fitness 2 Impact at great prices (limited to members only), but if you prefer to wear Boxing Gloves or wrist wraps that you get from elsewhere then that’s fine too.
What are the facilities?
Mats are available for hire and filtered water amenities are available at the center to use. There are toilet facilities available in the venue and a storage box for small personal belongings.
What to do/expect after class?
If you have hired one of our mats, please clean it with the spray and clothes provided and place aside to temporarily dry. If you have any questions, why not have a chat with myself on the way out, I’m more than happy to help. Make sure you drink enough water – 1 litre after training is a good guide. You may experience some muscular fatigue/soreness otherwise known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which is common. This should resolve within 48 – 72 hours and it is essential that you drink plenty of fluids!
What do you mean by practiced philosophy?
I strongly believe philosophy is a foundation of Fitness 2 Impact. In life, all the conditioning and assumptions are subconsciously learnt. We’re here to come and unlearn all of these determinants. Our training journeys is more than just the physical element. By instilling and practicing our Philosophy guides, this is a great way to take your journey in developing yourself to the next level. If some of our philosophy does not resonate with you, that is absolutely fine as well, you can just let it go and still enjoy the other benefits of training with us.
Can I train when I'm pregnant?
It is important that you always check with your Doctor in advance and let myself know that you’re pregnant so we can help modify our training regimens as necessary. Training can still occur during pregnancy depending on which stage you are in, however prior to commencement, it is paramount that you check with your Doctor and let myself know moving forwards. Otherwise, I would personally not feel comfortable in recommending it.
How can I avoid getting injuries?

Injuries can occur from a range of factors such as when students do not properly warm up,  perform exercise techniques that deviate from the what was intended, fatigue, or try and forcing their bodies beyond limits, which they are not ready for. This is why it is very important that you honor what your body needs, every time you come into the room and please leave your ego at the door. Injuries itself can be one of our greatest teachers, where they force us to slow down, modify and listen to our bodies.

Some tips to prevent injuries occurring:

If you have any pre-existing conditions, please speak to your Doctor or Physiotherapist before coming to class. Focus on maintaining our practiced breathing techniques throughout the training session, even if it means you need to take it to a less intense variation. Listen to your body. Be mindful of your bodies intuitions on how deeply, strongly or for how long you can hold a position for. If you are experiencing pain or exhaustion during class, stop and rest immediately. Make sure that you warm up thoroughly at the start of the class – the purpose of this is to increase the circulation and movement of our muscles, lubricating our joints and prepares the body for the session. Listen and watch as the workout is explained. This will ensure that you perform the correct technique and reduce the likelihood of developing tension in areas where it’s not needed. Each of our bodies is built differently, and some of us have a tendency towards unsupported hyper-flexion, hyper-extension and excessive rotation or twisting. Listen carefully to the alignment cues, analyse how your body moves and speak to myself if you feel something is not correct.

A healthy balance of food intake and regular exercise are necessary fundamentals for weight loss, weight maintenance, toning or building muscle and being an overall happy warrior. Every individual body is different though, so your results may vary. Please discuss any decision in beginning a fitness or diet program with your healthcare professional.