Exclusive 12 Weeks Lifestyle Immersion Challenge – it’s time to change

Take your results to the next level with our 12 week lifestyle immersion challenge in Mawson Lakes, Paradise & Kilkenny! You and your squad will train 3 Times per week together, Succeed together and Transform together whilst receiving dedicated support and kept accountable by your Personal Coach. You will also receive a free blueprint strategy consultation where we go through the plan of whats to come during the 12 weeks and you will also have access to our exclusive members only Private Facebook Group!

Second round starts 1st April 2019!


Be prepared for a training experience like no other where SMART Protocol training methods will be utilized to provide you the RESULTS that you have been looking for. Whether your goal is to gain confidence, lose fat, improve your appearance, feel strong and healthy or just to improve your overall quality of life, I am confident that I can help you achieve it all.

As your Fitness Coach, I am here to keep you accountable and provide you the knowledge and tools for you to succeed and train as safely and efficiently as possible. Which is why our challenge is limited to 12 individuals per session to ensure that each and every one of my valued members are getting the personal support and attention that is required.

Our challenges are held in 12 Week Blocks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays in the early mornings at 6:00 – 7:00 AM and in the evenings on certain days where you will be informed of on our Private Facebook community group.

A range of different training methods will be incorporated and tailored accordingly into your 12 week training block where there is no session that is the same as the other. And most importantly if you follow our program and stay accountable throughout this journey, results are GUARANTEED. 

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3 Months

Training outdoors in Mawson Lakes, Paradise & Kilkenny 

(max 12 people).

Save $50 when you pay up-front to my 12-week program

STARTS 19th February 2019


12 Weeks Direct Debit

$50 per wk

3 Months

Training outdoors in Mawson Lakes, Paradise & Kilkenny 

(max 12 people).

*Billed every week for 12 weeks total

STARTS 19th February 2019


  • Small Group Training: Access to all Four Sessions per week [Monday, Tues, Thurs & Saturday] for 12 weeks with your very own squad (8 to 12 people)
  • Private Forum: Exclusive access to a members only Private Facebook Group community where you can access your personal coach, share your challenges and success with your teammates.
  • Nutrition: Learn what you should and shouldn’t eat to maximize your results. 
  • Your Personal Coach, Kevin is in your corner: I’m always engaging with my members to make sure we are motivated, kept accountable and inspired to continue helping each other grow.
  • Results: Our members that have completed and still continue with our programs have all observed tremendous positive changes in all facets of their lives!

This is YOUR journey, DON’T close the tab and put your health aside because TIME spares no one. STOP wishing for change to happen and come join our community and let’s make it happen, TOGETHER!

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PRIVATE SESSIONS – One on One or Your Own Personal Squad

Maybe you would like to have extra time to focus on certain elements of your training or keen to get in some extra lessons outside of our regular class schedule. Or you just really love the idea of having some time where the session is all about you! Whatever your reasons, I am ready to assist you if you are ready to commit to putting the work in! 

Great training options are offered so if you are interested to get training with a friend, family member or co-worker with some private small group sessions then send me through a message via registering your expression of interest.