About Us

Pay it forwards initiative – the gift of giving back

At Fitness2Impact, I love to embrace the principles of giving back and returning the kindness of our amazing members.

How does it work?

For our Pay it forwards initiative program, when you purchase from or hire Fitness 2 Impacts range of products, a portion of these funds are simultaneously being given back to the community or a local cause on a quarterly basis.

Each quarter, we will support 3 different local causes or organisations, which will rotate each time so we can spread the love around. You get the opportunity of selecting whichever local group, cause or community you want to give back towards.

We are continuously working hard on improving our services and products offered to be able to assist supporting causes and organisations that are close to our hearts.

Know that when you wear any of our products, they are not just a pair of gloves, not just a shirt or wraps that you are wearing.

YOU are giving back to the community. YOU are making a difference. And yes, YOU are part of this amazing movement.

Massive thanks in advance to all of your kindness, generosity and support.