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The Small Group Fitness Workout Programs are held at the same times as shown below on the timetable and is only available to a limited small group per class ONLY. This is to ensure that each and every one of my clients are getting the personal attention that is required. Most importantly, you will be provided the best coaching and support possible so that you can improve yourself reaching your fullest potential. It’s not just about fitness development, but it’s also about self-improvement.

The workouts are designed to be challenging, purposeful and efficient with no wasted minutes. Get prepared to supercharge your body in a matter of several weeks where you will be feeling energetic and strong.

My approach to fitness is to incorporate a range of training styles in order to achieve optimal outcomes. We all have our own stressors, injuries, lifestyle pressures so having a variety of training modalities provides different benefits and is a way to practice and understand our bodies further.

At Fitness 2 Impact, our workout programs are designed to facilitate strength and conditioning, weight loss and an overall improvement in lifestyle. An incorporation of SMART training methods will provide you a workout like no other.


High Intensity Interval Training

This is designed to be no ordinary HIIT workout. This is an incredibly effective full body workout where drastic results are achievable in an efficient manner with the calorie burning effect continuing beyond after you finish the training session. It is perfect for those working full-time and have busy lifestyles. You’ll be working hard for short bursts of time through a series of cardio, strength and plyometric moves that will get your heart pumping with recovery time in between as well.   


Be ready to punch, duck and jab through a fun and highly motivational session. You’ll be flowing like a bird and punching with maximal impact! This is a full body workout that will send your fitness levels soaring with the additional benefit of improving your striking technique, skills and coordination.

FX Freestyle

Ready for new heights? This uniquely designed session is inspired by and a combination of boxing, HIIT & calisthenics training methods. This will help build strength, core strength, confidence and muscle tone. This freestyle session is full of variety and each session offers a different variation each time. Be prepared to feel the burn and jumpstart your day with an energizing session.

Private Sessions – One on One & Small Groups

Maybe you would like to have extra time to focus on certain elements of your training or keen to get in some extra lessons outside of our regular class schedule. Or you just really love the idea of having some time where the session is all about you! Whatever your reasons, at Fitness 2 Impact I am ready to assist you if you are ready to commit to putting the work in! 

Great training options are offered so if you are interested to get training with a friend, family member or co-worker with some private small group sessions then send me through a message via registering your expression of interest.

Training Schedule

6:45 AM – 7:45 AM 6:45 AM – 7:45 AM